Liberal Cops Shows No Mercy For Elderly Man At Freedom Protest

Things are getting nasty up at Canada’s freedom convoy, and this video is just further proof of that. The video was able to capture the moment a police officer in Canada handcuffed a 78-year-old, 4’10” great-grandfather during the Convoy for Freedom because he committed the oh-so-heinous crime of honking his horn in support.

The video showed an unnamed officer approaching the old man, who was simply sitting in his vehicle next to the side of the road. Gerry Charlebois, the 78-year-old man, was driving near the Freedom Convoy main protest area in Ottawa when he noticed a truck. The man then honked his horn and gave the trucker a thumbs-up symbol to show his respect for the protests that are ongoing.

Charlebois said he didn’t mean any harm with the gesture, but the law enforcement officer showed no mercy on the man saying that this sort of behavior wouldn’t be permitted. He then gave Charlebois a $118 ticket because he was making “unnecessary noise.”

Charlebois said the moment left him in shock, and he couldn’t believe he was getting pulled over by a police officer. “When (the police) pulled me over, he told me I was in trouble for honking the horn. … He just p***ed me off when he said that about the honking. It upset me.”

The video has gone viral quickly, and in it, you can see the officer demanding that the elderly man provide his identification. Charlebois tries to exit the vehicle so that he can get his wallet from the back end of his vehicle, but things got even worse from there.

In the video, you can hear a bystander telling the officer to leave the man alone. Charlebois tried to walk away from the police officer, which caused the officer to react in a horrific way, grabbing the old man’s arm and twisting the arm behind the man’s back. Charlebois then falls to the ground and is handcuffed by another officer.

Charlebois suffered multiple contusions and abrasions from his rough encounter with the police. It just goes to show you how far Democrats are willing to take their tyranny, and what they’ll do to everyone who disobeys their commands.

Author: Raymond King