Leftists Start Removing Children From ‘Unvaccinated Homes’

You won’t believe how far the left is willing to take their tyranny over COVID and the CCP vaccine. One father out of New Brunswick, Canada, just lost custody of all of his children, including his 10-year-old child that is immunocompromised, after he lost a court battle to the child’s mother, and a judge ruled in her favor. While not of this is particularly out of the ordinary, what is out of the ordinary is the reason why.

The parents involved in the case, who separated back in 2019, shared custody of three children before the ruling. Then, last year, the mother of the child asked for custody to be given to her completely because the children’s father and his new wife will not comply and become vaccinated. The judge made the ruling in light of the fact that their daughter has ongoing treatments for tumors that are non-cancerous in her blood vessels.

Justice Nathalie Godbout says that the decision was made with a “heavy heart” but that she feels the decision is necessary for the health of the child in the midst of the COVID pandemic and the recent struggle to contain the omicron variant.

If the father decides to receive the vaccine, he will then be allowed to approach the court and request to receive custody again. But until then, he can only video chat or communicate with his children via telephone.

The judge also dismissed the research of the father, who had extensively researched the efficacy of the vaccines.

“His own anecdotal research on such a highly specialized topic carries little to no weight in the overall analysis when measured against the sound medical advice of our public health officials. It is no contest: the current science in the face of a highly contagious virus far outweighs Mr. F.’s layman wait-and-see approach.” Godbout said.

The lawyer for the mother said the following, “This isn’t a case where she wants to take the children away from their father. This is what’s best for the children, period. She’s acknowledged this is going to have an impact on the children, but she said, ‘I have to do what’s best for them.'”

Either way, this case is setting a dangerous precedent when it comes to custody hearings and COVID vaccines.

Author: Hadley Bates