Leftists Punish Children For What They Say At Home

A Manhattan private school is now encouraging students to refrain from calling their parents “mom,” “dad,” or “parents,” and are instead instructing them to use more “inclusive language.”

Grace Church School recently issued a 12-page guide to staff and students, recommending that they “refrain from making assumptions” about children’s living circumstances, such as who they live with or are given care by.

The school offers some alternative “inclusive” word choices to refer to one’s parents. Some examples include: “grown-ups,” “guardians,” and “folks.”

The guide also includes recommendations concerning how to talk about gender, race and sexual orientation.

Instead of asking “Where are you from?” people should ask “What is your cultural background?”

When reading books, one should not mention a “boy” or “girl” on the page, but instead say “child, person, character.”

The insane leftist control of the school system might force Republican parent’s to start homeschooling their children.

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