Leftists Meltdown As Trump Reveals Obama’s Role In Crisis

Former President Donald Trump issued a statement which criticized former President Barack Obama for his cushy relationship with Cuban Dictator Raul Castro, attending a baseball game with the murderous leader and supporting him all while his “Communist Cuban Government” was involved in the imprisonment, killing, and torture of the Cuban people.

Trump, highlighting the cozy relationship that American Democrats have historically shared with far-left communist leaders such as Castro in the wake of freedom-fighters in Cuba rising up in protest of the government’s oppression and failure. Trump said of the protestors that he stands “with the Cuban people 100%” as they fight to secure their liberty and freedom.

Trump directed attention to the protests, pointing out that during his tenure, the Cuban government was forced to consider its actions under threat of an unforgiving American government, but the Democrat Party “campaigned on reversing my… tough stance on Cuba,” said Trump.

Trump warned that “history will remember” the actions that unfold in these times, calling on the Cuban government to allow protesters to “speak and be free,” while simultaneously calling on President Joe Biden to “stand up to the Communist[s].”

For Obama’s part, by December of 2016, his last year in office, his relaxed “normalization” stance of Cuba resulted in the Castro regime arresting over 10,000 political opponents just that year.

Earlier that same year, Obama went to a baseball game with his family sitting alongside Castro while watching a match between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team. The two waved in solidarity before the game’s attendees which roused applause.

During Trump’s term in office, Cuba reliably reduced the number of political arrests by thousands, fearing Trump’s retaliation. In 2019, the Cuban government detained or arrested 3,157 dissidents, fewer than one-third of the number seen while a Democrat sat at the helm of American Democracy.

Author: Francis Hubbard