Leftists Grasp At Straws To Make Super Bowl Half-Time Show “Racist”

Join us, as we delve into the minds of leftists that are so detached from reality, they can’t interact with anyone in the world without finding a chance to virtue signal to everyone else. One user on social media raised a lot of eyebrows after he started complaining that the people who were in the bar with him were “mostly silent” while the Super Bowl halftime show was going on, except when it was time for the only white rapper, Eminem, came on stage. The user says that this feels like it’s a hate crime. Yes, really. Preferring one rapper over another is a hate crime.

The user’s handle on TikTok is “first-mate prance” and he’s relatively well-known on the platform. He tweeted out “[S]o i know that everyone in this bar being mostly silent for the halftime show until eminem came on ISNT a hate crime…but it feels like it is.”

This caught the attention of many other users, and already has thousands of likes and comments.

There were many people who agreed with what the user is saying, as they also agree that racism is the cause of the increased attention and cheering for Eminem.

“Yup, the number of people who said the only performance they liked was Eminem was telling. So it’s not rap they don’t like clearly!”

And another one, “[T]he crowd was the loudest when eminem was performing lmfao. i was so mad.”

“[O]h nah that most definitely is [a hate crime],” another one agreed.

Another chimed in, “Bruh nah that is a hate crime bruh,” while another user said,”[R]acially motivated without doubt.”

Other people obviously disagreed and say that this has nothing to do with racism at all.

One user wrote, “Hahaha. Or it could be the fact that Eminem has sold more albums than the others put together. Nothing to do with any racism s**t.”

And another, “Okay I was in one w mostly black people and they got louder at Eminem[.]”

“[Eminem’s] Lose Yourself is the greatest rap song of all time, there’s a reason everyone was waiting for Eminem,” someone else insisted.

And another, “Seriously! Why are you all talking shit about the one white guy?? Racism goes both ways. All those songs are great. Why are you turning this into some kind of a contest??”

“Always one d bag trying to bring race into every equation. Eminem is just better than the rest. Cry about something else weirdo,” someone else disagreed.

And just to add another cherry on top, after the Rams won the Super Bowl, the original user tweeted, “[A]nyone in la throwing a party…i have work tnrw [sic] but it’s black history month they prob won’t fire me if i don’t show up[.]”

Author: Brad Kutcher