Leftists Ensure America’s Downfall With This Simple Trick

Three mathematical scholars issued grave warnings about the “deplorable” level to which American K-12 math education has fallen. The U.S. school system has been overtaken by radical Democrats who place diversity over merit. America is now behind the 8 ball in STEM fields while China assumes the mantle of global leader in such scientific fields.

New York University’s Percy Deift, Georgia IT’s Svetlana Jitomirskaya, and Princeton University’s Sergiu Klainerman, all of whom are math scholars that arrived in the U.S. as young immigrants, wrote an article in Quillette announcing their concern that the nation they proudly call home is falling behind in the mathematical sciences.

The mathematicians warned that American educational policies now have so many “drawbacks” that elite students are unwilling to come to U.S. colleges despite the fact that America is a freer environment than those in China.

The authors stated several key reasons for the sharp decline in America’s mathematical competence.

Firstly, K-12 public education has fallen far behind when it comes to mathematical instruction, and fails to properly prepare students to enter into STEM careers after high school.

This, they say, leaves the U.S. dependent on a regular stream of “foreign talent,” that seems to predominantly come from the east, with over half of all graduate students in engineering, mathematics, and computer science coming as non-U.S. citizens from countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, China, and India.

The writers also observed that as of 2017, 81% of all electrical engineering graduate students were international, not American, and the same goes for computer science, with 79% of graduate students being from other countries. Other STEM fields show a similar pattern, with “at least two-thirds” of top department faculty in such fields being “foreign born.”

The other major issue identified by the authors is the moral panic and focus on diversity and social justice in K-12 education. This focus, according to the authors, “weaken[s] the connection” that ordinarily links “merit and scholastic admission.” The authors note that such policies have been found to racially discriminate against certain groups, like Asian Americans.

Most painfully, according to the authors, are initiatives such as those taking place in California to outlaw “racist” math. They say that the mission of “fighting “white supremacy”” simply doesn’t translate to the field of mathematics conceptually, aside from the fact that the minority of STEM specialists in the U.S. are American-born at this point.

Compared with China, the U.S. is failing, as our top economic rival successfully expands and improves their universities and educational institutions. Chinese schools have become so competitive that they are now the attractors for elite students from both Europe and the United States.

In a test of 15-year-old mathematical ability, China ranked as number 1 in the world, the U.S placed a disgraceful 25th.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress also noted as of 2019 that “no progress” had been made in the past decade advancing mathematics in public education.

Author: June Campbell