Left Radicals Exploit Dead Police Officer Against His Wishes

One of the great losses of the recent Boulder shooting tragedy was that of Eric Talley. Talley, a father of seven and local police officer, lost his life while protecting those he was sworn to serve. But adding to that tragedy, is the way in which the Left is spinning his sacrifice against his wishes.

Eric Talley’s father spoke to reporters, and told them that his son “would have been deeply offended” that his demise was being “used to promote gun control.”

Homer Talley said that Eric was an avid shooter even before his police career.

Eric’s murderer, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, purchased an AR-15 pistol and used it to kill 10 people at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.

Homer Talley called the incident “a senseless act.” He added that occasional incidents such as the one which killed his son do not warrant a ban or confiscation. “[It] doesn’t mean guns need to be taken away.”

Homer said that his family is one “of faith, we understand forgiveness.” Adding that he believes that it must extend to “not just the shooter, but [to] ourselves.”

Author: Brett King

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