Lawmakers Demand Cuomo’s Resignation — Or Else

Eighty-Six members of the NY State Assembly, which is over half of the entire 150, have shown their support for going forward with an impeachment decree if Governor Andrew Cuomo, the NY Governor, doesn’t resign on his own. This comes just days after a report proved he has sexually harassed or assaulted at the very least 11 women.

Ron Kim, a State Assemblyman and fellow Democrat, has already begun the process by calling the now in recess assembly to return to the floor immediately to get started on their impeachment proceedings for the big man himself. Kim told Fox News that Cuomo can’t hide the truth any longer and that he must be held accountable for his crimes.

Kim also said that institutions that don’t believe victims they are allowing predators like Cuomo to act without care. She says when policies aren’t put into place on things like this, it allows this type of behavior that is completely unacceptable. That his sins can’t be ignored any more, and that if they were to ignore them, it would affect the very integrity of the legislative body and show that we are complicit in harboring a sexual predator.

The Senate Majority Lead for the state, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, also agreed with Kim, saying that when allegations as disturbing as this are brought to light, it is the responsibility of the governor to resign for the good of the people and the state. Especially now that all the allegations are substantiated through an investigation. It should be clear to Cuomo and to everyone that should not serve as the governor of New York any longer.

Cuomo’s time in power is ending. Pelosi, Biden and senators from New York that are both Democrats have already asked Cuomo to step down from his position.

Cuomo is proven to have sexually harassed 11 women at the least and retaliated again one former staffer that complained about his abuse, according to a new report released by the state AG. He violated state and federal laws on multiple occasions, and it’s time for him to step down. It’s going to be a long road down to the bottom for Cuomo, as not only must he step down, but criminal charges are knocking at his doorstep.

Author: Willhelm Nelson