Lawlessness And Disorder — City Crippled By Crime Thanks To Democrat Policies

Dozens of violent felons were released on bond in Democrat-run Chicago, which is pursuing a light-touch approach to criminal justice. But nearly all of the people who they let slip so easily have already been re-arrested this year for other violent crimes.

As of last week, a full 60 felons were jailed for charges of murder, shootings, or attempted murder all while awaiting trial for previous felonies, according to CWB Chicago. The number of victims from the felons crimes is at lowest 92 individuals.

The most recent felon, Malik Perteet, 22, appeared in bond court just last week. After just a few days following his release from jail, police discovered Perteet to have shot a 17 year old girl on South Lowe Avenue.

Allegedly, Perteet attempted to kill the woman during a marijuana exchange. At the time he shot the woman, he was out on bail and was wearing a monitoring device for charges in a separate gun case as well as a separate drug case.

Petreet’s storied history goes back further as well, earlier this year in March, during a shootout with another individual, he was wounded by gunfire and an 11 year old girl was shot and killed from injuries received by the crossfire.

Petreet was given a charge of felony gun possession, and thereafter released on $7,500 bail with electronic monitoring. Two months later, he was charged with manufacturing and delivery of narcotics, which violated his bond. However, the report notes that he was released from jail without any additional bail.

Perteet is now facing first-degree murder charges as well as aggravated battery charges for discharging his weapon in connection with the shooting of the 17 year old woman.

Jail records reveal that Petreet is finally being held without bond after his most recent incident.

Author: Timothy Clark