Kyle Rittenhouse Makes a Revenge List, And Psaki’s Name Is At The Top

Ever since Kyle Rittenhouse was accused of murder, the White House has been slandering his name at every opportunity, even without a conviction. And now that he’s been acquitted, it’s become apparent that he can sue not only Biden, but Jen Psaki as well for defamation. Especially follower her Tuesday claim that he is linked to Proud Boys, and because she’s called him a ‘white supremacist.’

Earlier this week, Psaki was asked directly whether or not Biden was planning on apologizing for calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist, especially since there is zero evidence that he is, ever has been or ever will be a white supremacist. With a defamation lawsuit looming over her head, Psaki dodged the question in true Democrat fashion.

Biden started claiming Rittenhouse was a white supremacist all the way back on August 25th of 2020, despite there being no evidence to suggest it. He said this about a month after the attach where Rittenhouse was charged and later acquitted for murder on multiple accounts.

During the trial of Rittenhouse, Psaki referred to him as a vigilante, instead of correcting the false accusation that Biden placed on him. At this point, Rittenhouse has a pretty strong case for a defamation suit against Biden, and he said on Fox News with Tucker Carlson that it’s definitely possible.

Peter Doocy asked Psaki on Tuesday whether Biden was planning on apologizing since Rittenhouse had been acquitted, and there was no evidence of white supremacy. But instead of answering the question, Psaki decided to shift the blame to Donald Trump, saying that he actively supported supremacists and that the violence that Rittenhouse was involved in was just a consequence of that.

She also said Rittenhouse posed for pictures with the Proud Boys, which are a right-wing extremist group.

This was an issue that actually came up during trial, where the prosecution tried to say the photos were proof of his supremacy, but it came out that Rittenhouse had no idea who these people were during the photo. The judge agreed, saying there was no evidence to prove this was anything but happenstance, and there was no proof that he was part of that group before the crime occurred.

While Biden is currently immune from civil issues during office, Psaki is not. And it looks like Rittenhouse has a great case against her if he decides to move forward with it.

Author: Kim Drake