Knock Knock: Impeachment Proceedings Make It To Biden’s Doorstep

Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator, is making Biden regret all his decision as President right now, saying that Biden deserves impeachment if he leave any Afghanistan Allies or Americans behind while evacuating Afghanistan.

Just like Former President trump pointed out, the botched withdrawal of American military troops from the Afghanistan region will serve as one of the largest embarrassments in our recorded history of our country, and it’s all thanks to Biden.

Not only that, but Trump says that what Biden has done in Afghanistan is absolutely ‘legendary,’ and that it will be remembered as one of the top defeats in the United States of America’s history.

Trump also called on Biden to resign. Well… to resign in ‘disgrace.’ All for what he has done and allowed to go on in Afghanistan. But not just Afghanistan, also because he’s cause an enormous COVID catastrophe, border surge, removed America’s independence in the energy industry and he’s cripple our economy, and plans to continue doing so.

But it’s not just citizens of the United States that are suffering with Biden’s incompetence and devastating decision-making. There’s around 10-15k United States citizens and allies trapped in the borders of Afghanistan, which is now controlled almost exclusively by terrorists, the Taliban.

The Taliban has no intentions of allowing people to leave either. They’ve apparently established checkpoints around the country and are assaulting anyone who tries to get to the airport to leave.

Even more devastating is the fact that the Taliban is apparently going from door-to-door, maintaining a ‘hit list’ of Christians. They go through cell phone and look for anyone with a downloaded bible app, and if they find it they kill them.

The U.K. is also facing a crisis thanks to Biden. With nearly 6,000 Britons and Afghans in need of evacuation. They Houses of Parliament in Britain are holding Biden in contempt over his handling of the situation.

Graham said to Fox News that if we leave any of our people behind, or any of the Afghans who found by our side bravely, then Biden deserves impeachment for something more than just a misdemeanor of neglecting his duty as President. It looks like Biden’s time as President is swiftly coming to an end.

Author: Josie Billiard