Karma: Top Democrat Catches The Kung-Flu After Making Baseless Accusations

One of the nation’s most universally-hated Senators has announced that she tested positive for the ‘deadly’ Coronavirus. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said that she is tested for COVID regularly due to her work in the public. While she had tested negative earlier in the week, she has no tested positive for a COVID breakthrough case. She made the announcement on Twitter and said that as of right now, she is only experiencing symptoms that are mild in nature, and that she is thankful that she is protected from serious illness because of her being vaccinated as well as boosted against COVID.

She also said in her Twitter post those cases across the nation are surging, and she hopes that everyone who hasn’t received their booster or vaccine will do so, as soon as possible, so that lives can be saved.

This news comes as officials in health across the nation are in response mode to the new, more contagious, but possibly less lethal, COVID variant that’s spreading around the world, Omicron.

Warren was also in news earlier this week after she started a feud with Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur, who Time Magazine named as the Peron of the Year.

Warrant tweeted and insult at Musk, saying that the tax code needed to be changed so that Times’ Person of the Year would actually start paying taxes and wouldn’t be freeloading off of everyone else.

Musk immediately responded with a tornado of tweets, telling the Senator to stop projecting and that she reminds him of one of his friend’s angry mothers from when he was a child, who used to yell at all the people around her for no reason. He also mocked the Senator, rhetorically asking her not to ‘call a manager’ on him. Before calling her ‘Senator Karen.’

Musk also pointed out that he paid more taxes this year than anyone in American history, and told Warren to try not to spend it all in one sitting, before joking that she already did.

Warren fired back at Musk by paying for Facebook ads to attack Musk. All of them featured a picture of Musk in black and white with various captions. Some calling him a Freeloading Billionaire and others claiming that he avoids taxes, etc.

Musk has already fired back, saying that Warren is a liar and asking citizens if they really want her as Senator. More on this story as details continue to pour in.

Author: Martin Thompson