Karma: Biden Pays The Ultimate Price For His ‘Build Back Better’ Bill

Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House and the Democratic Party got handed devastating news following the passage of their milestone infrastructure bill last week. According to fresh polling conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post, the Democrats can expect to get sunk in the nearcoming midterm elections.

When pollsters were asked whether about how they approve of Biden’s handling of the job as president, a majority, 53% of respondents, said that they disapprove. A mere 41% of respondents gave approval for Biden’s performance so far. Even worse, 55% of respondents reported disfavor for the president’s handling of the economy, and a slight majority also disapprove of his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The polls are a devastating blow to the Democrat party which expected that the passage of the much delayed multi-trillion dollar package would give Biden and other Democrats a much needed boost amongst voters.

The recently released survey also questioned pollsters on how they felt regarding Biden’s ability to make accomplishments as president. A mere 35% said that they agreed that he accomplished either a “good amount” or a “great deal,” but the vast majority, 63% of respondents, said that they felt the president had accomplished either “not much” or “nothing.”

59% of respondents also agreed that Biden is doing too much in terms of “increas[ing] the size… of government,” showing that the American public is distasteful for broader and more intrusive government. A mere 38% of respondents said that they didn’t feel concerned about Biden’s government expansion.

Respondents were harshest about the economy, with a full 70% feeling “negative” about the state of the American economy and 29% feeling “positive” about the situation.

While most respondents didn’t feel strongly about Biden’s direct influence on the recent levels of inflation that’s ravaging American’s budgets, some 34% said that they place a “great deal” of the blame on the president, with just 21% saying that Biden shouldn’t be given blame for rising prices.

The polls were conducted last week and sampled 1,001 adults. The breakdown of self-reported party affiliation was 26% Republican, 27% Democrat, and 37% independent.

Author: Amanda Ross