Kamala’s Stupidity On Ukraine Causes Entire Internet To Explode

The legacy left by Kamala Harris will be one marred by inaction, failure, and corruption but celebrated for its unmistakable level of entertainment.

Each and every time Kamala decides to speak publicly the internet is blessed with a series of soundbites which represent the vacuousness of her speaking ability but the richness of her ineptitude; they’re always hilarious if you temporarily turn off your brain.

She surely didn’t disappoint on Tuesday when her discussion about the Ukraine crisis caused the entire right-wing side of social media to explode.

The often-confused Vice President gave an interview with “The Morning Hustle” this week to discuss the goings on in Ukraine — a military conflict her administration helped to escalate. During the interview you could sense Kamala starting to trail off, as she’s wont to do when tough questions are asked.

She gave a quote about Ukraine that’s as funny as it is retarded — perhaps even a bit concerning given her proximity to those who actually make the decisions behind the scenes.

Here is the main highlight:

“Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia,” Harris began. “Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically that’s wrong, and it goes against everything we stand for. There are terms that we use. We say, ‘We respect the sovereignty, the territorial integrity of countries.’”

What in the world does that mean? But, also, what doesn’t it mean — you know?

Kamala’s expertise awarded her immense backlash from right-wing or conservative twitter users who were in a state of shock over just how inept our “duly elected” vice president really is.

Apparently Meghan McCain had some “anxiety” over Kamala’s quote.

Perhaps she could withstand some anxiety as retribution for the war crimes her father’s war crimes.

Harris then explained Joe Biden’s recent sanctions against Russia, comparing it to a parent disciplining a child.

“We threatened sanctions to hopefully deter Russia from going in. Basically, like if you’re a parent and you tell your children, ‘Well, if you do this, the punishment is going to be that,’ right? And we hope that by doing that, it will deter our children from doing the wrong thing,” she said.

You can watch the full interview here:



Harris recently attended the Munich Security Conference with several world leaders in an attempt to ease tensions with Russia as they deployed troops along Ukraine’s border.

How has America survived this long without Kamala?

Author: Monica Hedren