Kamala’s Reputation Is So Bad She Literally Paid For a New Image

Kamala Harris, The Vice President of the United States, is no apparently realizing just how unpopular she really is with everyone in America. Reports now indicate that she has put two long-standing advisers on her staff whose sole purpose is to help improve the images of politicians and try to make America’s public like her more than they do now.

Adam Frankel and Lorrain Voles both worked with kamala during her transition to Vice President and have now joined her team to focus on strategy in communications and development of organization, according to an official in the White House with personal knowledge of what’s going on said. The experience of these officials will likely be of great value to Kamala and her team and they try and make long-term plans and move forward with their extremist agenda.

Lorraine Voles is an expert in crisis communications and Adman Frankel worked for former President Obama as a speech writer. They both worked below Harris as she transitioned into the seat of Vice President and are both extremely experienced in generating messages pointed to the public and corporate world from the White House. Voles advertises marketing and rebranding as well as crisis management on her website, and these seem to be her top billing sills.

These hires couldn’t come at a moment too soon for Democrats, as anxiety and tension make its way through the Democrat party. Some democrats see Harris as a prime target to take over Biden’s campaign as President should his health ail him, or should he choose not to run in 2024. But others feel that Kamala’s first year has been a total flop, and trust for her and her regime is at an all-time low.

Biden designated Kamala to the border, asking her to address the crisis of illegal immigrants, but she’s failed on every front. She failed to even visit the area until June of this year.

Even then she didn’t visit the center of the crisis, where COVID, lice, hunger and sandstorms wreak havoc on the thousands of migrants that are locked up in the region. The truth is, Kamala is failing, and she’s trying to use these experts as her saving grace. But it’s unlikely that this will prove beneficial, as she’s already got one foot in the grave from her backwards policies and actions as Vice President.

Author: Andy Lloyd