Kamala’s Jan 6 Speech Was Chock Full Of Lies And ‘Horse Manure’

Everyone knew that yesterday was going to be a nauseating day. The leftist media is prepared with an arsenal of narratives surrounding what happened on Jan 6 of last year, and they are ready to use them. CNN and MSNBC have been waiting all year to spew their hatred juice and act completely unhinged about what occurred on that day.

When liberals talk about Jan 6, they act like Capitol Hill was equivalent to the beaches of Normandy. The wimpiest political class in America can’t move one with their lives because they are obsessed with Trump, the election, and all MAGA America stands for. The history illiterate snowflakes make Jan 6 seem like some attack that will be remembered for centuries in the history books, but it wasn’t. It was a simple riot, if you can even call it that.

Kamala Harris herself kicked off the Jan 6 Anniversary by comparing the event on that ‘dreadful’ day to 9/11 attacks or even something like Pearl Harbor.

Of course, Jan 6 is nowhere close to anything like those days. Anyone with a brain wouldn’t spend more than two second analyzing her remarks. They’re obviously untrue, and it’s plain to see. OF course, Jan 6 shouldn’t have happened, but it was nothing more than a riot, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as 9/11 or pear harbor. The fact that Kamala Harris would say something like it just further divides the country and insults the victims and families of victims of these attacks. The truth is the Democrats are just hanging onto Jan 6 as a pawn in their game to take down Trump and convict him and see what they deem as “justice.”

That’s what’s really going on here. Democrats don’t actually care about the riot, no one does. They’re using it as a way to purge the country of Trump and his values. Why are they doing this? Because they’re afraid. They’re afraid of the power he has over the people and they’re afraid he’s going to run again in 2024. Well, look out Democrats. He probably is going to run in 2024, and odds are that he will win.

Author: Rachel Olifante