Kamala VS Joe — America Forced To Pick Their Poison

The American public has had enough with President Joe Biden’s incompetence, and is equally impatient with his administration’s foolish bumbling around the botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Most Americans today want Biden to resign, but are even more worried about how his replacement would run things.

Biden’s approval ratings are in freefall, with the latest shocking poll coming out of Rasmussen. The report showed that a majority of Americans, 52%, want Biden’s resignation over the Afghanistan withdrawal alone, 39% disagree, with the remainder undecided. This figure proves that a significant amount of his political base is turning on him.

But different polls show the other half of the picture, with voters overwhelmingly opposed to a potential President Kamala Harris, seeing her as manipulative and unqualified.

The paired pieces of data show that Americans have given up on the elderly president who appears more senile and fumbling with every passing day.

President Biden’s efforts to throw red-herrings at the public and distract them from the Afghanistan disaster have completely failed.

Rasmussen’s poll showed that 60% of voters stood with Republican Senator Linsey Graham of South Carolina when he said that Joe Biden “deserves” impeachment for abandoning so many U.S. citizens and allies in Afghanistan just to appease the Taliban with the August 31 deadline.

Georgia’s Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has already prepared a legislative package that impeaches Biden for his reckless and irresponsible actions as the Commander-in-Chief. She declared that “it’s time,” for Joe Biden’s impeachment, the time to hold him and his administration accountable for the disaster must be carried out “Immediately.”

Biden’s only safety net is the threat of a Harris presidency. The American public doesn’t want to play ‘would you rather’ between a senile puppet and a radical opportunist.

Polling from Rasmussen showed that only 38% of the American public feels that she clears the bar as being “qualified” for the office of president, with a decided 58% saying that there’s no way and 47% more strongly saying that Harris is “not at all qualified” for the position.

Author: Daisy Alexander