Kamala Tests Pepe Le Pew’s Accent On Our French Allies — It Doesn’t Go Well

Kamala Harris traveled to France this week on a five-day official visit, representing the United State of America. What was she up to during that time? Apparently she was up to this:

Her juvenile stunt is an absolute embarrassment for our entire nation. Traveling to a foreign nation just to mock the locals in their own accent is not in keeping with U.S. interests of making friends or profligating U.S. influence abroad. It is in fact, a childish thing that nobody with any manners would do, completely aside a situation where you literally fly there to represent your nation. Is this really the best that America can do?

This sort of behavior is what you might expect from a high school student, just moments before their college admission is rescinded.

Worsening the situation is the fact that she’s supposedly there to fence-mend an already bad situation after President Biden enraged the French government by completely mishandling a submarine deal. The French are already displeased with the Biden-Harris administration and now she tries to pull this? The entire visit was justified on the basis that U.S.-French relations needed to be improved.

On what planet did Harris think ‘mock a French accent’ was an appropriate agenda item in such a context? The entire affair is a national embarrassment. Harris might be the worst foreign relations official in U.S. history, lest you forget her disastrous efforts in Central and South America earlier this year.

As noted by conservative radio host Tammy Bruce, Kamala’s knowledge of France – America’s longest ally – is entirely sourced from the cartoon character Pepe LePew

Rather than try and learn a few phrases of our allies’ actual language, Kamala tried to imitate a mock version. At least she didn’t just try to shout English louder at them to try and make them understand… oh wait, she did that too.

So the Biden-Harris administration continues down the warpath of souring our foreign relations, and further embarrassing the nation on the world stage. While they may never top the reputational damage we suffered during the botched Afghanistan pullout, this sort of behavior is just cherry on the icing.

Author: Steve Jackson