Kamala Takes The Crown For Most Hated Woman In America

It’s not looking good for the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. A new poll is showing just how disliked she is in America as Biden and his administration continue to be battered over the absolute chaos that’s ensuing in Afghanistan right now.

A poll don by Rasmussen was released yesterday and showed that most Americans, 55%, believe that Kamala Harris isn’t qualified or isn’t qualified at all to take care of the duties as President should the need arise.

A mere 43% of people that were polled thought that Kamal was qualified or very qualified to take over presidential duties.

This is a whopping 6% drop from the exact same poll that was conducted back in April, where 49% of people polled said that she would be qualified to act as president should the need arise.

The monumental collapse in support is likely from the humiliating withdrawal in Afghanistan, that has been nothing but a monumental disaster. The Taliban took over the country in weeks following U.S. Troop departure, and many strongholds that the U.S. military gained have gone right back into the Taliban’s hands.

Before the disaster in Afghanistan, Kamala’s favorability was already falling. A poll proved that most Americans saw her unfavorably than favorable because only 45% approved of her and 47% disapproved of her. Prior to July, Kamala was holding steady at a 46% approval and 46% disapproval rating.

Another poll in July, that was separate from this one, found that most Americans, a whopping 55%, were pessimistic about American’s future in the coming 12 months. Back in May the same poll found that only 35% of the citizen of America were pessimistic about America’s future. That is a huge change.

Some haunting criticisms of Kamala have been how uncharacteristically quiet Kamala has been about the crisis in Afghanistan, especially after she has been so vocal previously about her role in making decisions in Afghanistan, and the withdrawal of American troops.

A scathing LA Times article called on Harris to stand up and own what she had done instead of trying to hide from it, just like she has done at the southern border. Biden appointed Kamala to tackle the issues at the border but she has done nothing to address it.

It seems highly unlikely that Team Biden-Kamala will have a successful 2024 run at this point.

Author: Joey Newman