Kamala Slips — Admits The Vaccine Is Hogwash Propaganda

Unless you were out camping in the woods last week, you probably remember President Joe Biden’s incoherent and divisive rant about vaccine mandates for the employees of private businesses. His rhetoric constantly returned to the nonsensical claim that the vaccinated need protection from the unvaccinated, how strange.

And now, there’s proof that Vice President Kamala Harris is repeating the same information.

But why would vaccinated people need to be protected from unvaccinated people? Isn’t that the point of a vaccine? If the vaccine were actually effective, then people who took it should have nothing to fear.

Some might argue that unvaccinated people spread COVID that is breaking through vaccinated people and getting them sick. That’s mostly the case, with the odds of a vaccinated person requiring hospital attention after contracting the virus being 1 in 160,000. In light of that, vaccinated people face virtually no risk in the presence of unvaccinated people, even if there is COVID transmission. There is, on that premise, no justification for vaccinated / unvaccinated segregation.

What’s often left out of t he narrative is that vaccinated individuals are still spreaders of COVID. Some of the worst COVID spikes globally are taking places in countries such as Israel, though at least, the death rates are relatively low because the vaccine prevents ‘serious’ illness, just not infection. Even the CDC changed it’s definition of what a vaccine is just last week, claiming that vaccines offer “protection” from illness and redacting the earlier claim that they “immunized” individuals.

In either case, the claim that vaccinated people need more protection is a false one.

Kamala Harris’ comments make no sense, the only way to parse her statement would be if the vaccine didn’t work at all to prevent serious illness. Perhaps that’s exactly what Harris is admitting with her remarks. This seems to be a major slip for the Vice President.

The same lie was repeated again on Leftist-Central TV network MSNBC.

Is the reporter vaccinated? You can bet your life savings she is. Does she think that the unvaccinated are the only people who can transmit COVID? Does she think that the vaccine isn’t protecting her?

The narratives on the vaccine are incoherent. The government is lying about two main points when it comes to vaccines. First, that natural immunity is a thing, and second, that vaccines don’t stop the spread of COVID. Instead, the government is pushing a shotgun messaging tactic that promotes fear and loathing, creating a needless gap between those who chose that the vaccine was best for their health, and those who chose that it was not.

Author: Lauren Graves