Kamala Admits COVID Was a Tool To Further Democrat Agenda

Vice President Kamala Harris called the coronavirus an “opportunity” to “transform” America during a Wednesday speech at a Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Unity Summit.

Harris said that the pandemic has brought the opportunity to launch “a new era” that could “shape our nation’s future.” She said that the changes could “transform how we live. . . work, and how we vote.”

Harris loudly sounded the horn of the Democrats call to action. The left has exploited the pandemic with far-reaching legislative action. Never to waste a tragedy, Democrats have used the screen of the pandemic to implement massive spending at the federal level, managed to destroy the economy (for working people), and decimated the educational system at the behest of teachers’ unions.

Last March, Nancy Pelosi and her cadre of Democrat sycophant’s pushed hard for a $2 trillion bill packed with leftist wish list items that had nothing to do with pandemic relief. The 880 page bill is an environmentalists dream with massive spending on renewable energy, but the bill also includes anti-white racist policies to be thrust upon banks and corporations, language which forces states to accept mail-in ballots, and restricting colleges and universities from asking whether students are U.S. citizens.

Leftists have had an absolute field day with the pandemic, actress Jane Fonda called COVID-19 “God’s gift to the left.” A despicable comment indeed, as Fonda dances on the graves of an estimated 584,000 American’s who have died as a direct consequence of the virus.

Author: Tamara Lawson

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