Johns Hopkins Professor Has a Damning Message For The CDC

A professor from the well-renowned Johns Hopkins School of Medicine gave the CDC a sharp stick in the eye recently when he advised Americans to “ignore” guidance from the federal organization due to their refusal to acknowledge natural immunity from prior infection.

Dr. Marty Makary who additionally serves a professorship at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, said on Tuesday that “half the country” is likely to already possess natural immunity to COVID-19 as they have already recovered from infection.

Despite the staggering figure, Dr. Makary laments that the Biden administration and CDC continue to ignore the reality of the situation. People who have already been infected and have natural immunity are routinely “demonized” by health officials if they choose to decline vaccination. Government autocrats insist that all Americans have to be vaccinated before normal life can be allowed to continue.

But Makary argues that the “herd immunity” threshold has already been achieved, citing recent data which reveals that the combination of previously infected individuals and vaccinated individuals reaches 80-85% of all Americans.

He said that he never expected to say it, “but please ignore the CDC.” He advises Americans to “live a normal life” except in the rare case of people who have not been infected previously or been vaccinated, he says that those individuals “need to be careful.”

Dr. Makary considers the CDC’s dismissal of natural immunity amongst the “biggest failures of. . . current medical leadership.”

The CDC offers no specific guidance to people who have recovered from COVID-19 infections previously. Dr. Makary argues that “natural immunity works” and said that individuals choice to avoid vaccination should be respected, not demonized.

He also points out that there is a lot more data for natural immunity “because [it’s] been around longer.” But says that either natural immunity or vaccination are equally likely to provide “lifelong” COVID-19 immunity.

He adds that reinfection of individuals is very seldom, and even in those circumstances the “symptoms are mild” or even sometimes “asymptomatic.”

Author: Erin Simmons

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