John McCain Rolling In His Grave After Issuing This Prophetic Warning To America

The late Senator John McCain warned America long ago in 2014 about how Antony Blinken, Biden’s appointed Secretary of State would prove to be “dangerous to America,” as has been highlighted in a resurface video being shared online following the disastrous withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

McCain was, at the time, arguing against Blinken’s nomination to the seat of deputy secretary of state by former president Barack Obama.

McCain stated that he felt the need to elaborate on his opposition vote regarding Blinken, who McCain said was “not only unqualified but… the worst [selection] of a very bad lot.” Despite McCain’s warning, Blinken was confirmed to the position in 2015.

McCain made note of how rarely it was that he felt the need to openly oppose a presidential nominee during a Senate session as part of his philosophy that “elections have consequences,” but he made an exception for Blinken because he saw the man as a danger not just to the American nation, but to it’s service members as well.

He called Blinken “actually dangerous to America… to the young men… women… fighting and serving it.”

McCain declared that U.S. foreign policy for that era was in “shambles,” and took a “review” of “Mr. Blinken’s role in conceptualizing… furthering it.” He torched Blinken for claiming that the Afghanistan conflict could be ended by 2014, and for Blinken insisting that the timetable “would not change.”

McCain pointed to this inflexibility and dogmatic agenda-following as “why I’m so worried,” adding that if Blinken were nominated, that America may witness “a replay of Iraq… over again.”

And indeed, that is more or less exactly what we’ve seen in the past week.

The Biden administration is facing hard questioning from all sides in an absolute PR hurricane, with controversy and scandal appearing at every moment revealing the incompetence that led to the Taliban’s swift takeover of the country.

Thousands of American citizens remain trapped inside the country with the Biden administration scrambling to assist U.S. citizens and allied foreign nationals.

General Mark Milley of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin promised on Wednesday that they would get all Americans safely home.

Author: Veronica Mills