Joe Rogan Strikes Back After Leftists Try To Silence Him

Joe Rogan, who hosts the wildly popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” recently responded to criticism from radical Leftists who have increasingly made calls to deplatform him based on episodes he broadcast that feature scientists and medical professionals who challenge the mainstream narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Sunday night, Spotify, the audio streaming service which exclusively hosts Rogan’s show, issued a statement claiming that they were adopting new policies “to combat information” as a company.

Rogan quickly responded to the news by explaining how people attempting to censor him have a “distorted perception” of the focus of his podcast. He argued that his show’s aim is to have conversations with interesting people and maintain an open mind.

Rogan said that his show was “accused of spreading dangerous misinformation” in two different interviews, one of them was with Dr. Robert Malone, and the other with Dr. Peter McCullough. He explained that his guests were, respectively, “[the owner of] nine patents on the creation of mRNA… technology” and “a cardiologist… the most published physician in his field in history.” He added that both of his guests are “very highly credentialed… intelligent… accomplished people” who “have an opinion that’s different from the mainstream narrative.” “I wanted to hear what their opinion is,” Rogan stated.

Rogan then pointed out that he takes issue with the label “misinformation” which has branded his podcast episodes. He pointed out how much currently accepted information today was labeled as misinformation just months ago. Notable examples include the fact that vaccinated individuals can still spread COVID-19, the fact that cloth masks have been deemed ineffective, and the credible theory that the virus originated from a leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. All of these theories were supposedly discredited at the time they were floated but have been accepted since. Rogan also pointed out that his podcast guests were ahead of the curve on all of these now-accepted developments and couldn’t believe that they were being accused of spreading “dangerous misinformation.”

Rogan added that since he’s “not a doctor… not a scientist” himself that he can’t know for sure “if they’re right,” but says that the point of the show is to “sit down and talk to people and have conversations with them.”

Rogan also pointed out that his show has interviewed “Sanjay Gupta, who I respect very much… he is on President Biden’s COVID-19 advisory board,” as well as “Dr. Peter Hotez… a vaccine expert.” Rogan’s show hasn’t taken a stance or chosen to cover just one narrative as the mainstream media has, instead it allows voices from all sides to speak their piece and let listeners decide for themselves.

Author: Jonathan Bailey