Joe Humiliated As Hunter’s ‘Art’ Becomes Worldwide Joke

One Pulitzer Prize-winning critic of art at the Washing Post, a Mr. Sebastian Smee, had a lot to say about Hunter’s new art escapades, and it wasn’t all very nice. In fact, Smee said that people who are buying Biden’s art are only buying it because of Hunter’s notoriety. He also compared the scandal-ridden Hunter to a ‘café painter’ and said that his work wouldn’t be sold for more that $1000 unless a relative was dumb enough to pick it up.

Smee said on a CNN interview that Hunter is diving head first into the art world. He said that Hunter is working side-by-side with Georges Berges, and is planning to hold an art exhibition in the fall in New York. Hunter’s various paintings are expected to be sold between $75,000 to $500,000.

Many in the art world and beyond suspect Hunter of a pay-for-play scheme, as the Biden family is already wrought with corruption and accusations of corruption – stemming from Hunter’s business dealings on an international level, all the way to Joe’s numerous scandals before and during his presidency.

Smee said that Hunter Biden’s work feels like an afterthought. That his work doesn’t feel like it was needed to be made, unless Hunter was using it therapeutically. Smee says he has not trouble with that, and that’s it’s a good reason to make art, but that Hunter’s work is nothing special and he would have a hard time finding reasons to share it with the world if Hunter didn’t have the notoriety he does.

Smee also said that many art world veterans are responding to Hunter’s work with nothing but a shoulder shrug and saying that there isn’t much to see. Though Smee confesses there are some who will sniff at the opportunity to make money from Hunter’s fame. Smee made it clear that he believes Hunter’s art prices are grossly inflated due to his fame. Smee said Hunter is nothing more than a ‘café’ painter, and that unless you were related to the artist, you would never spend any considerable amount of money on the pieces.

Hunter said his goal with the art is to reveal a ‘universal truth’ that everything is connected, that there are things that go on beyond what our senses can understand that connect us all.

Smee is not impressed with Hunter’s new-age wisdom and says that no one else should be either.

Author: Libby Butterfield