Jill Biden Just Made Her Biggest Mistake As First Lady — Even Democrats Want Melania Back Now

Everyone erupted on social media this week after Jill Biden unveiled her decorations for the White House Christmas. We’re not gonna’ lie, they’re pretty bad.

Critics of the First Lady are saying she is showing absolute zero taste when it comes to her pick of dressing up America’s house for the most important holiday of the year.

In fact, some people are even begging Melania to come back and help Jill because her decorations are so tacky, and to be frank, hideous.

The decorations, pictured below, aren’t making anyone swoon.

One person even said that the empty boxes reminder them of Joe Biden’s head, on Twitter.

Back in November of 2018, Melania Trump, who was the First Lady at the time, was under attack by the left and liberals who said she had taken the White House and turned it into a dystopian and dark landscape. Trump was quick to defend his loving wife telling the haters that everyone has different taste. As you can see though, her decorations were absolutely stunning.

As you’d expect, all the liberals are saying that the Christmas has now been returned to ‘normal’ since Jill decorated the White House. But, unfortunately for them, the very few positive comments are being drowned out by the massive crowd screaming ridicule at the hideous decorations.

Many people are saying that the ‘normal’ decorations are simply bland and boring, and that they make the decorations in the mall look exciting.

One thing’s for sure, it makes everyone miss the class and style of Melania, who brought a sense of flair and modern style into the White House, probably stemming from her time in New York, which is fashion city.

She took the White House canvas and use her creativity and sense of fashion to turn it into a piece of art for Christmas. Here’s an example of her decorations.

While it is true that everyone has a different style, Jill Biden’s Christmas decorations give you the feeling that a child helped decorate the White House for Christmas. Sure, it’s cute, but the disorganization and lack of theme is what everyone will remember from this year.

You’d expect more from the White house. The President of the United States takes residence there, and you’d expect the Christmas decorations to honor that simple fact.

Author: Matthew Henderson