Jan 6 Patriots Win Major Court Victory

Since the events of January 6 at the United States Capitol, arrests and charges have been made against over 500 patriots, but none of those charges include items that Democrats tried so hard to pin Trump’s supporters with, such as “sedition” and “treason.” No court has charged any individual at the Capital Riot with attempting an “insurrection” either as leftist media continues to drum.

The Associated Press took note on Tuesday that as of yet, defendants involved with the Capital riot are facing a fistful of “lesser charges,” the sort meant to elicit guilty pleas and plea deals from the many defendants yet awaiting trial.

The AP reports that the actions of rioters such as Thomas Caldwell “fit the charge of sedition,” however, none of the over 500 patriots accused in the event have yet been tried with sedition, nor the much more grave crime of treason. The AP also notes that many of the “lesser charges” against these defendants “may never be formally levied.”

Charges of sedition are truly rare, and whenever sedition was invoked, the court case became incredibly complex. The United States government hasn’t attempted sedition charges in a long while, 2010 was the last instance, but their claim was thrown out by a judge who “ordered acquittals” because the only evidence brought by the prosecutors were manifestos about the government, which were determined to be protected First Amendment speech.

In the course of all U.S. history, less than 10 people have been convicted on charges of treason.

Participants in the Jan 6 riots might have President Biden to thank for reduced charges, as during the Trump administration, rioters in Portland, Oregon had federal charges laid against them for assaulting officers, failing to obey and being civilly disorderly. The Biden administration dismissed those cases, protecting BLM and Antifa rioters, setting a new standard for how incidents of this nature should be dealt with legally.

The remaining charges against the 560 arrested individuals from the Capitol 6 include items such as “remaining in… restricted building or grounds,” “disorderly conduct,” and “impeding certain officers.”

Thus far, only 13 rioters charged with such crimes have entered guilty pleas.

Author: Jean Simmons