It’s a Miracle: COVID Seemingly Disappears At The Emmys

An entire slew of celebrities attended the Emmy awards last Sunday night and guess what? There didn’t seem to be any COVID policies in sight. The celebrities partied all night, unmasked, in a tent that closed, and boy did they suffer on social media from the scandal.

Even some of the presenters of the Emmys commend about the fact that the even wasn’t held in a venue with open-air, and the fact that celebrity attendees to the even were required to get their vaccine.

One such star, Seth Rogen, who was also a host for the Emmys said that he was told the even would be held outdoors. He said he was straight up lied to and that he would not have attended an event in a hermetically sealed tent had he known. He said there were way too many people in just a little room.

DJ Reggie Watts, the DJ for the show, said that despite what Rogen said, they were all going to party and celebrate, but that they were absolutely following the safety and health guidelines that they were asked to do to keep everyone safe from COVID.

Cedric the Entertainer also had something to say about the event. He says that unlike Rogen, he feels good at the event knowing that everyone who is in attendance had their vaccines and it was fine. He said he got the Pfizer vaccine because it’s like ‘Neiman Marcus’ while Moderna is ‘Macy’s’ and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is just TJ Maxx.

Social media users had no mercy for the Hollywood Elites’ excuses, especially after they were just reprimanded for their Met Gala event, where all the celebrities walked around maskless.

One Fox News host said that after seeing the celebrities prancing around with masks or social distancing in any form, she thinks everyone can move on with their lives and forget about COVID.

Tom Cotton, Senator of Arkansas, says that these celebs are the same people that mock Conservative Americans for wanting parents to have a choice about their kids and masks, and that they’re all frauds.

Apparently the rich and famous aren’t capable of spreading COVID, at least that’s what it seems.

Author: Christian Thompson