Israel Follows Trump’s Lead, Destroys Biden’s Latest “Project”?

Iran couldn’t resist bragging about their new centrifuges last week and their heighted ability to make nuclear weapons thanks to Biden’s increased funding to their “projects.”

Their celebrations were short lived, however, because Israeli agents launched a cyberattack that was is so severe it will likely shut down the facility for an entire year. The attack utterly destroyed the power system inside the facility, rendering their centrifuges, which are needed to make nuclear weapons, completely useless.

The strike is devastating to Iran, and also Joe Biden, as he nears closure on a nuclear deal with Palestinian officials. His decision to move forward with this deal was made in spite of opposition from top officials and Donald Trump, the former President. Trump has repeatedly expressed concern over Biden’s weaknesses when it comes to Iran, revealing how those weaknesses make America vulnerable to terrorism.

Whatever the case is with Biden, Israel is showcasing their power and tact, and letting the world know they will not be put at risk just because Biden “sanctions” it.

Author: Brandy Gallagher

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