ISIS Is Back In Full-Force, And This Proves It

The truth is that America has never been more at risk than it is with Biden at the Helm of this sinking ship, and this proves it. An American woman from Kansas was just arrested after being accused of leading an all-woman military battalion for the ISIS terrorist group, according to the DOJ in an announcement they made on Saturday.

Allison Fluke-Ekren is 42-years-old and was apprehended in the Syrian region before being transferred into the FBI’s custody sometime on Friday.

Fuke-Ekren become involved in activities that were related to terrorist back in 2014, at the least. The woman is former teacher in Kansas, and was involved in helping plan a terrorist attack on a college campus in the United States, according to a criminal complaint that was filed in 2019 that was unsealed after she was apprehended.

Back in 2014, the woman had discussed a plot that would involve “dressing like infidels” and taking a backpack chock full of explosives onto a college campus to kill a bunch of students. The college is unnamed, but Dave Robins, an FBI special agent, filed the criminal affidavit back in 2014 with these claims. She also apparently told one witness that they didn’t need to be concerned about the logistics of the crime, because she knew a way to get into America from Mexico.

Fluke-Eren also reportedly became Katiba Nusaybah’s leaders back in 2016, which is a military unit composed only of females for the Islamic State, Raqqa, Syria. The battalion was composed mostly of women that were married to fighters for ISIS.

She allegedly trained over 100 women and children on how they could use assault rifles, suicide belts, and grenades. She has five children, and one of which has been seen holding a machine gun.

The woman also apparently considers any attack that doesn’t kill large numbers of people to be a massive waste of resources. One witness says that any time she heard about an attack happening in a country outside of America, she wished it would have happened in her homeland.

Fluke-Ekren left America in 2008 to move to Egypt before migrating to Libya, then Syria in 2012 with her husband.

Her first husband died in Syria back in 2016 during an attempted terrorist attack. She then wed an ISIS member from Bangladesh, who also died. She is now married to another prominent member of ISIS, who spearheaded the group’s 2017 defense of Raqqa, which failed.

She has her initial appearance in court on Monday in Virginia, and could face 20 years if convicted.

Author: Lex Weidow