If You Needed Proof That Vaccines Don’t Work, Here It Is

The former CDC (Center for the Prevention and Control of Diseases) spoke to Fox News on Monday afternoon and made a startling admission about the effectiveness of the vaccines. Robert Redfield confessed that 40% or more of the deaths in Maryland in recent weeks from the coronavirus were in the fully vaccinated Populus.

He said that while people might feel like it’s rare for a person that’s fully vaccinated to die, he is the senior advisor of Governor Hogan for Maryland state, and he says this is not true. He says in the last 2 months 40% or more of the deaths were fully vaccinated. He said all this in response to Colin Powell’s death, who was the former Secretary of States.

When Powell died of the coronavirus, he was also suffering from other health complications. He had a blood cancer that stifled his ability to fight off infections. The Maryland Department of Health says that 65.7% of people in Maryland are vaccinated fully.

Redfield served as the director of the CDC while former President Donald Trump was in office, and he currently serves as an advisor for the Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan. His comments are right on the heels of Biden’s administration pushing booster shots, and while the FDA is working to approve booster mixes from different vaccination companies.

People familiar with the issue say that the FDA is working tirelessly to allow people to get booster shots that are a different brand than their first COVID vaccination doses.

The FDA will not recommend a particular booster of other boosters but they are going to allow people to get a booster shot that’s different from their previous or first shot.

The FDA is working to get authorization on this mixing and matching as early as this week. They are expected to approve Johnson & Johnson as well as Moderna Boosters, says the person who is familiar with the issue.

If you’ve ever needed proof that vaccines don’t work, what’s happening in Maryland is a prime example, and it won’t be long before the public catches on to the scam.

Author: Gary Hart