Hypocrite Harris Pushes ‘My Body My Choice’ While Forcing Vaccine Mandates

Vice President Kamala Harris might be the most tone-deaf person to have ever held high office, and she put her foot in her mouth in an especially humiliating way this week. On Thursday, literally the same day that President Joe Biden proclaimed stringent and unconstitutional vaccine mandates that violate people’s right to medical choice, Harris gave an impassioned speech regarding women’s “not negotiable” right to “make decisions [regarding] their own bodies.”

It’s hardly a surprise that VP Harris, a tool of the pro-abortion Biden-Harris administration is lazily repeating the line “my body, my choice,” ad nauseam. But surely Harris should have considered how comments about personal choice in medicine would jar against her own administration’s vaccine mandates.

Harris’ comments remain hypocritical though, because a pregnant mother isn’t just making choices for her own body, but the body of an unborn child as well. Vaccines on the other hand, are as clear-cut a personal medical choice as can be found, and the Democrats are using the full weight of the government to force their agenda through.

Harris’ administration isn’t even hiding it at this point, they don’t care about people’s personal medical freedoms. President Biden admitted it himself, saying that the new vaccine mandate and the act of getting vaccinated cannot be determined by “freedom or personal choice.”

Further evidence of Harris’s inability to see things from the perspective of her constituents, she campaigned for Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom (CA) on Wednesday, singing his praises and completely failing to acknowledge or address the many grievances which voters lay against him that brought about his recall election in the first place.

Unable to restrain her glee at murdering children, Harris proudly touted Newsom’s pro-abortion stance, despite the fact that the recall election has absolutely no relation to the matter of abortion.

Author: Erika Garcia