Hundreds Already Laid Off Under Biden Administration

By Katie Pavlich January 27th, 2021 | Image Source: Town Hall

A Keystone XL pipeline manager in Wisconsin is speaking out about the devastating effects of President Joe Biden’s abrupt halting of the multi-state project.

“The actions that happened recently, we were doing station work, there are hundreds of guys that got laid off…a lot of them live in Wisconsin,” Manager Josh Senk said during a news conference this week. “The recent actions of President Joe Biden’s executive order halting construction of the Keystone pipeline has effected…thousands of union trade members across the country and hundreds of guys who specifically work in Wisconsin.”

“I was working in Nebraska building a pump station but as soon as the new administration came in on day one they decided they wanted to put 11,000 people out of work,” another worker told Fox News. “It’s going to hurt a lot of people, a lot of families, a lot of communities.”

Further, a local report from Illinois shows thousands of workers losing their jobs.

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Town Hall: Keystone XL Manager: Hundreds of Wisconsin Workers Have Been Laid Off

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