How ’15 Days To Slow The Spread’ Took All Americans’ Liberties

Jim Jordan, a Republican Congressman from Ohio, blasted Fauci this week for his failure to generate a timeline for things to get back to normal in America. Fauci continues to advocate for mask-wearing, avoiding large gatherings and social distancing measures, leading many to ask, “When do we get our freedoms back?”

The only answer health officials and Democrats can give is that things can go back to normal when infection levels improve. But what Democrats refuse to give is tangible numbers.

What started as “15 days to slow COVID’s spread” has turned into over a year of lost liberties and freedoms. And Democrats keep pushing the boundary further and further. Forcing vaccinations and considering legislation to monitor Americans’ every move.

Fauci goes on to say that Americans need to focus on getting vaccinated, not preserving their freedoms.

But Jordan wouldn’t let him get away with that. Jordan opted to give Fauci a lesson on the constitution, informing him that the constitution does not take vacations, and it isn’t voided during a pandemic.

Fauci went on to reiterate that America is headed for a fourth “surge.”

That was the last straw for Jordan. He laid into Fauci, accusing him of violating America’s constitutional rights, including everyone’s right to attend faith services. He blasted him with laments over curfews and limits on gatherings.

Jordan ended his Fauci takedown with one demand: That Fauci give the American people a firm percentage, and that when we reach that percentage of vaccinations, all our liberties be returned.

Author: Bailey Rodriguez

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