House Republicans Slap Biden With Perfect Fiscal Plan

House Republicans have crafted a response to Biden’s titanic 2022 budget proposal. The representative are feeling very confident with their proposal, planned for announcement next Wednesday. The proposal will balance the federal budget in a mere 5 years and cut taxes by $2 trillion.

Representative Jim Banks (R-IN), head of the Republican Study Committee, said that the Democrats plan is to gradually introduce “socialism and radically [expand] the role of government.” He also claims that in the short amount of time under Democrat control, America’s economy is already feeling the negative consequences of their radical agenda.

Banks said that the time has come for Republicans to “reclaim the mantle of fiscal responsibility” and give the American people an “alternative vison” for government.

In the meantime, Biden is continuing to issue massive spending plans such as his American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan which burn up an astonishing $4 trillion. These proposals will massively upset the federal budget and the national debt.

The spending is being sold as a nationwide infrastructure upgrade, however in truth, the money is going into progressive pet projects such as electric cars, renewable energy and support for unions. These changes are expected to result in the loss of millions of existing jobs in coal and oil.

The Republicans counter proposal will be announced this coming week as a solution that the American people can truly stomach, as Biden’s initiatives are unlikely to garner enough bipartisan support to pass. However, (by what legal means remain unknown) the White House declared that it would push forward with its spending plans either way, suggesting a $4 trillion executive order.

For all our sakes, let’s hope that the elected legislative body can coerce King Biden into cooperation rather than issuing enormously expensive dictums.

Author: Earl French

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