Home Defense Heroes Finally Get The Ending They Deserve

Missouri Governor Mike Parson recently fulfilled his promise that if Mark and Patricia McCloskey were found guilty in court for defending their home against an angry mob of Black Lives Matter protesters last summer that he would pardon their charges.

The Governor issued a slate of pardons last Tuesday, amongst them, the McCloskey’s who took a plea deal where they accepted charges of fourth-degree assault in the case of Mark and second-degree harassment in the case of Patricia and were fined a total of $2750.

When the St. Louis couple defended their home in June of 2020, they were filmed brandishing weapons aimed at protesters as a warning not to invade their home after the mob broke down the gate protecting the community.

Critics quickly jumped on the pair as being guilty of racism, but the couple explained that they were genuinely afraid for their lives.

One of the couples’ attorneys, Joel Schwartz, noted that “Mark… has publicly stated” how if the same situation were to arise again he would follow “the exact same conduct.” Schwartz added that Mark believes that the Governor’s pardon is vindication of his actions.

In September, law enforcement announced that they would not pursue charges against the 9 BLM protesters who got arrested for trespass during the incident with the McCloskeys.

Parson promised shortly after the incident that he would pardon the couple unless the court found evidence that changed his understanding of the case.

Parson said in a radio interview that mobs do not possess the right to trespass and “charge” onto private property, adding that the homeowners “had every right to protect themselves.”

Schwartz hedged at the time that he didn’t yet know “all the facts,” but said that if the criminal justice system was really after the McCloskey’s “for doing a lawful act,” then he would ensure that they wouldn’t “spend any time in jail.”

Mark McCloskey announced that he is running for U.S. Senate.

Author: Fred Carpenter