Hockey Player Gets New Mask, Sends Liberals into a Frenzy

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

A youth hockey player from Pennsylvania just got a new goalie mask. The elaborately painted helmet features a recognizable sight: that of President Donald Trump. Yet people are flipping out on social media over what the president has in his hands. The left is going bananas over this one.

Since Donald Trump entered the White House, there has been no end of support from Americans. Patriots have showered our leader with praise and appreciation. That has come in the form of clothing, tattoos, decorated vehicles, and displays outside their home.

As the left-wing media tries to paint Trump as a villain, countless Americans go out of their way to show their support. They see what we all do: that Trump is one of the few politicians actually making good on his promises.

After only two years our country has been turned around. The stock market is soaring. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Workers are getting more in their paychecks. ISIS has been beaten back. Our veterans are no longer neglected.

And that’s just for starters.

Who wouldn’t want to show appreciation for a president who is keeping his promises?

One youth hockey player went the extra mile when he got his new helmet. He hired an artist to paint a portrait of Donald Trump on the goalie mask. That would be enough to get the liberals foaming at the mouth. But what he put in the president’s hands really sent them reeling.

A Pennsylvania youth hockey player and an artist were reportedly slammed on social media after the goalie wore a mask which featured President Donald Trump holding a trowel and a brick, in a nod to Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall between the United States and Mexico…

Trump is featured on the front of the mask with the trowel in his right hand and a brick in the other. The mask was given to the teen, who plays for the Palmyra Black Knights. Wagner told USA Today that the parents who asked for the mask were Trump supporters who own a business in the state.

[Source: Fox News]

That’s quite the powerful image. Usually, goalies have something intimidating painted on their masks. Something for the opposing team to see, so that they lose their nerve. I can’t think of anything more appropriate than the determined stare of our Commander in Chief!

This young man and his family are celebrating our leader and having fun doing it. But the joyless mongrels on the left would have none of it.

College hockey writer Jashvina Shah wrote on Twitter Monday: “To be quite honest I don’t think a picture of a man who has admitted to sexually assaulting women should be on a goaltender’s mask.”

She later added: “The kid who has Trump on his mask is 14 years old. He needs someone in that organization to explain to him why it’s not ok, and why it [represents] racism and other forms of bigotry. I hope someone will explain.” [Source: Fox News]

Wow. This is why we can never truly reason with the left, these days. They are completely entrenched in their wild lies that Trump is a sexual predator, racist, and bigot. There has been zero proof to any of the insane things Shah claims. Yet she uses these lies to attack a 14-year-old boy, simply for supporting the president.

This goalie wanted a fun image on his mask, something to make him stand out. Instead, the hate-filled left slanders him as a supporter of “racism and bigotry.”

We know liberals hate fun and joy. They mire everything in a sickening swamp of misery, deception, and guilt. But to slam a young man for his goalie helmet really proves how out-of-touch and lost the left truly is.

They can’t even find joy in a kid having some fun with his goalie mask. That’s truly sad.

But we don’t have to left their hate ruin our lives. This young man is having fun on the ice. We should take a lesson from him and not let what the liberal media says get us down.

I know I won’t!

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