Hillary Clinton Finally Meets Her Match — Is This The End For Her?

Hillary Clinton is running scared after an attack from left field just hit her and her band of political elites.

Rose McGowan isn’t scar of left-wing elites, often even referring to them as a cult.

Just recently, McGowen exposed the truth when it comes to Oprah Winfrey and all of her ties to Russell Simmons, a record executive and alleged sexual abuser.

Oprah donates and campaigns heavily for the Democrats, and is accused of being a support for Simmons after she backed out of a film that supported around 13 women that claim Simmons raped, assaulted or harassed them.

Oprah even admitted to conservative Fox News that she was pressured by Simmons not to do the documentary, and that’s why she walked away.

McGowan says she is happy we are all finally getting to see the ugly truth about Oprah.

McGowan also accused Oprah of being a ‘fake.’ McGowan says that while she wishes Oprah were real, the reality is that she just isn’t. In fact, Oprah has a history of supporting abusers. She was pals with Weinstein and was too buddied up with Simmons to speak to his victims. By doing so she is obviously encouraging a sick power culture that is designed for personal gain and she’s as fake as can be.

But McGowan didn’t stop there with her accusations. She then took a shot at Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State.

McGowan accused Hillary Clinton of being a ‘shadow leader’ that only services evil. She went on to say that Clinton is an enemy of all the things that are good, moral, and right. She says Clinton is the representation of a flag, but has no country or soul and feeds off of people’s hope and twists their minds.

McGowan then dropped the bombshell we’ve all been waiting for. She said that she was in a hotel room with Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, and that she has more information about him that she will share at a later time.

McGown then went on to attack Hillary for her views on abortion. She linked to an article from Breitbart that quoted Hillary and how she laments the change in Texas’ abortion law.

The new Texas heartbeat law is making liberal heads explode around the nation. Clinton is now all for abortion at the late-term, but McGowan exposed how she used to think that it should be a ‘rare’ occurrence. Pandering much? McGowan sure things so, and so do we. We’re just glad someone in Hollywood is finally speaking out on the long-standing corruption.

Author: Robert Peterson