Here’s The Need-To-Know Bullet Points From Fauci’s Leaked Emails

Thousands of Dr. Fauci’s emails have been revealed after a Freedom of Information Act request was granted, giving the American public a trove of new information about how the ‘COVID czar’ ran the show behind-the-scenes throughout the pandemic. In just a short amount of time, quite a few bombshells have been found, here’s five major ones that have been uncovered so far, with more to come it can be certain.

1. Fauci ignored critical advice to prevent panic and shutdowns

In mid-March, a colleague named Mike Betts who is yet to be identified sent an email to Fauci telling him that demographic information about the virus should have been published, as the data revealed that young healthy people were not at serious risk of the virus. He points out that advising the ill and elderly to take caution would have been more prudent than locking down the entire country, especially given, as he points out that those two demographics are not very likely to be part of the workforce to begin with.

2. Fauci knew about the link between gain-of-function research and the NIH

On February 1 of 2020, Fauci contacted Hugh Auchincloss, the NIH Principal Deputy Director with an email titled “IMPORTANT.” The email contained an attachment with the label “SARS Gain of function.pdf,” and revealed that Fauci knew about the NIH’s involvement with the controversial reserach, even though he publicly denied that the NIH was involved with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

3. Fauci was told outright that the virus might have been engineered

Many people are aware of Fauci’s flip-flop stance on COVID-19’s origins, but his emails reveal that early on in the pandemic, scientists were warning him that the virus possessed “unusual features” which “potentially look engineered.”

4. Fauci knew that masks didn’t protect people from the virus

Fauci wrote on February 5 of last year that the “typical mask” found in drug stores isn’t “effective in keeping out virus.” Fauci quickly turned around from initially saying that masks weren’t useful or necessary, to then recommending mask mandates, goggles, and later on double-masking.

5. Fauci knew that COVID was going to “decline on it’s own” regardless of any vaccine

In March of 2020, Fauci said that if major infection vectors were halted, and social distancing implemented, such as closing sports events, using remote work when possible, etc. that the infection rate could be slowed to a rate where it would “decline on its own” before a vaccine was developed. Well fortunately for everyone, Trump managed to clear the way for three vaccines to get developed in under a year.

Author: Megan Henderson