Here’s Proof That Everything Leftists Said About Vaccines Is Hogwash

Democrats continue to push vaccines on Americans at an alarming rate. They’ve touted them as miraculous and prey on Americans who aren’t ready to get the jab, ostracizing them from society until they conform. But this new study might just change all that, at least if the mainstream media allows the public to get wind of it.

All three of the COVID vaccines that are available in the United States right now drop in effectiveness after just six months, according to a brand-new study that was just published in Science, the journal reveals.

It’s not just a little drop, either. It’s substantial. The biggest drop was from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which plummets in effectiveness down to 13.1%, when it’s originally as good as 86.4%.

Pfizer is next in line, within the same six-month period, the vaccine from Pfizer drops below the 50% mark on effectiveness, while its original effectiveness is 86.9% when the shot is first given.

Moderna is the winner as far as vaccine effectiveness goes, but it’s still not great. After 6 months, Modena is only 58% effective, down from its original 89.2% effectiveness.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, the head of the Food & Drug Administration, promised America that they would not give the okay for COVID vaccines unless they made at least the 50% mark on effectiveness against the deadly infection.

Unfortunately, the vaccine’s protection against COVID death also diminished over time, according to this new study.

For people who are over 65, the effectiveness in defeating death got weaker from the time of July to October. For Moderna, it was 75.5%, for Pfizer it was 70.1% and for Johnson & Jonson, it was 52.2%.

Yong people will fare much better, as the protection against death sits at 84.3% for Pfizer, 70.1% for Moderna and 73% for Johnson and Johnson.

The researchers concluded that vaccines are now less effective than they originally were when it comes to preventing COVID infections that are associated with the new and more highly contagious Delta Variant. However, it is important to note that the unvaccinated are still much more likely to contract COVID and/or die from it.

Author: Shawn Anderson