Head Of Teachers Union Caught Doing The Unthinkable

Videos have surfaced of the president of a teachers union in California dropping off his daughter at a private, in-person preschool. This comes after a hard push from unions to continue keeping schools under lockdown for children of the non-elite.

Matt Meyer was caught on video dropping his child off while wearing his union’s logo on his sweatshirt.

Fox News interviewed Meyer, where he attempted to justify his actions. He claimed that he couldn’t find any “public options for kids her age.” He also said that there are “major differences” between a  “preschool and a [large] public school.” suggesting that the former is safe and the latter is not.

The very day before he was caught at the preschool, he had lobbied for Berkley schools to remain closed until all school staff had acquired their COVID-19 vaccination. This was in spite of pleading from parents and medical experts who sought re-opening.

Ben Domenech, a publisher at the Federalist took after Meyer, saying, “he’s wrong [about] the differences in this situation.” he pointed to how teachers were “extract[ing] tax dollars from you, the citizen,” while “holding kids hostage across the country.”

Domenech further elaborated on how he believes that the public is “waking up” to the realization that teacher’s unions are playing a “game” wherein they “extract more tax dollars” from hardworking Americans, and “cut ahead in line” when it comes to getting vaccinated.

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