Hate Crime Hoaxer Made To Pay For His Crime — Literally

Last week, the City of Chicago said that it will seek compensation from convicted hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett for well over $100,000 in costs that the city’s police department spent on their investigation of the hate crime that the felon staged on himself.

The City announced with a formal statement that they have filed a civil suit against Smollett to recover their costs of investigation. They add that the guilty verdict Smollett received from a jury in his criminal case confirms the City’s case against him in their civil lawsuit.

The statement adds that the City intends to hold the hoaxter accountable for his unlawful actions and demands compensation for all costs incurred by the Chicago PD who initially took his false claims of harm with all seriousness.

The City’s civil action suit was launched against Smollett in 2019 after he refused to reimburse the department $130,106.15 for the two-week investigation into his fake hate crime.

CNN reported at the time that the department deployed over two dozen officers and detectives who spent weeks working on the case, clocking in 1,836 overtime hours. The City is only asking for the wholesale reimbursement but under current city code, they have the right to demand as much as three times that amount, nearing $400,000 in compensation.

Smollett was declared guilty of five Class 4 felonies last Thursday for lying to police officers about a staged hate crime that he attempted to pin on Trump supporters. Each felony count has up to a maximum sentence of 3 years.

Following the verdict, Smollett’s lead attorney, Nenye Uche, said that the convicted felon felt “100 percent confident” that his appeal would overturn the ruling. He added that it isn’t ideal to appeal in order to get victory, but he remains entirely confident in his client’s innocence in this matter.

Uche added that he’s “very proud” of Smollett for being “strong” and “committed to clearing his name.”

Author: Lindsay Watkins