Harris Slips, Reveals Terrifying Plot Against America

Last Sunday’s ‘State of the Union’ speech included comments from Vice President Kamala Harris, calling for an “assault weapons” ban and calling new gun control laws a “priority” for the administration.

CNN show host, Dana Bash claimed that there were “50 mass shootings” in the past month and asked Harris why gun control was not currently the administration’s priority.

Harris responded by telling Bash that gun control is certainly a priority of the administration, and cited Biden’s recent executive actions as proof.

Harris went on to state that they will implement universal background checks and an assault weapons ban, emphasizing that “it has to happen.”

Harris claimed that modern sporting firearms such as the AR-15 are “weapons of war” and that she couldn’t believe that they weren’t banned after Sandy Hook.

Bash pressed Harris about whether gun control was really a priority to which Harris responded “We have to multitask” saying that while they have many priorities to tend to, they cannot be exclusive priorities.

Harris says that pressing congress to push harsh gun control laws is the next step following Biden’s executive orders.

Author: Marie Tomlinson

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