Guess Who Just Gave The Taliban All They Ever Wanted?

The Taliban recently announced the “caretaker” government which now controls Afghanistan, issuing a list of all top officials and their posts. On that list were 4 of the 5 Taliban leaders which former President Barack Obama released on exchange for the disgraced U.S. soldier turned deserter, Bowe Bergdahl. The 5th member of the “Taliban Five” which Obama released from U.S. custody, Mohammad Nabi Omari, is currently a governor with the Taliban overseeing the Khost province.

Tolo News, an independent outlet in Afghanistan released the names and appointments of the new “caretaker government” earlier this week. Obama apparently handed them just the men they needed for the positions of: Director of Intelligence, Minister of Borders, Tribal Affairs, Minister of Information and Culture, and Deputy Defense Minister.

While these positions are supposedly temporary positions, the Taliban did not set any date by which the “interim” government must dissolve nor how “permanent” these minister positions may last for. Three of the current “Taliban Five” were top leaders from the previous Taliban regime.

All cabinet members for the new “inclusive” Afghanistan government are members of the Taliban, with nearly all of them belonging to the ethnic Pashtun group.

The Associated Press whined that the Taliban’s government is “all-male,” as if it were somehow surprising that a theocratic state such as the Taliban’s which treats women as less than dirt would allow them to hold political office. In fact, the former Ministry of Women’s Affairs was immediately dissolved when the Taliban took over. Women who dared to protest the Taliban regime earlier this week were beaten and whipped publicly.

Obama’s decision to relinquish these dangerous men back to the Taliban was controversial in 2014 when he did it, and he ignored good advice from both the intelligence community and U.S. military officials that doing so was “high-risk” and probably a mistake. It’s still unclear if Obama’s actions were even legal, as he probably broke the law by failing to consult Congress when organizing the trade.

The members of the Taliban Five are well-known offenders of human rights, dangerous men who have engaged in ethnic cleansing, mass murder, international crime, and opium trading. Two of them at minimum are deeply tied with al-Qaeda.

Obama assured America that these dangerous men would never come back to haunt the U.S., but as of 2018, all five already held positions with the Taliban in their exile state in Qatar.

If Obama had kept these dangerous terrorists where they belonged, in maximum security U.S. prisons, the Taliban would be a great deal weaker and many people may still be alive today.

Author: Tabitha McGuire