Gripping New Details Emerge In Cuomo Scandal, Outrage Erupts Nationwide

It’s one thing to get fired from your high-profile job, but it’s a whole other issue to get fired and then have all the nitty-gritty details leak. On Sunday, more details leaked on the decision by CNN to fire their long-time star host, Mr. Chris Cuomo. Cuomo was fired on the evening of Saturday after CNN investigated him and his role into assisting his brother, Andrew Cuomo, who was the governor of New York at the time and a high-profile democrat, in covering up and dealing with his scandal that involved sexual misconduct.

One left-wing attorney, Debra Katz, released a statement this past Sunday where she admitted she’s representing someone who has come forward with more allegations against Chris Cuomo, saying that he was responsible for sexual misconduct that was serious in nature while she was working at another network.

Katz said she is the one who informed CNN about these new allegations and that it was her notification that is what ultimately led Chris Cuomo to be terminated from his job at CNN.

Katz says that in the midst of the very public allegations of sexual harassment against his brother, Andrew Cuomo, Chris told CNN viewers during his Prime Time show that he has always cared deeply and profoundly about issues of sexual assault. It wasn’t long after that the Attorney General went and released a documentary that would make anyone’s jaw drop that showed how Chris Cuomo was playing an active role in running smear campaigns on those who had claimed Andrew Cuomo had assaulted them. After hearing the blatant hypocrisy of Chris Cuomo, the anonymous Client said she was absolutely disgusted that he was trying to discredit women who had so bravely come forward, and it ultimately led her to come forward with what happened to her.

Katz contacted CNN on Wednesday and reported the misconduct allegations. By Friday she was discussing all of her evidence and plan to release it. CNN promptly fired Cuomo.

The client says she is sharing her story in hopes of helping protect other women, but wishes to remain anonymous. CNN said they will continue their investigation into Cuomo and the allegations that have come against him.

Author: Hannah Pearson