Greta Wants You To Feel Bad About Fish’s Thoughts And Feelings

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg made a return to public commentary with a new series of videos that chide Americans claiming that they have to radically alter every aspect of their own lives or else the world will turn into a scorched wasteland devoid of resources. Americans also, of course, must change their diets because the food they eat have feelings too.

Thunberg made global headlines in 2019 after giving a bitter message to world leaders at the United Nation climate summit held in September. Her popular line “How dare you!” was preceded by calling continued economic growth a “fairytale” and accused them of only being concerned with money.

The climate change activist from Sweden has made a return, brining her pessimistic message to the internet once more. This time, she says that if change isn’t made soon “we’re f***ed.”

While it’s hard to fully examine and fact-check her existential dread, a few of her statements should be more closely examined.

Thunberg raises a slew of targets with her concerns about climate change, taking aim at infectious disease, mass starvation, and the harvesting and slaughter of billions of animals, including fish, which she says are thoughtful and emotional. She claims that the problem is that we take for granted that “we are part of nature.”

Thunberg claims that deforestation is responsible for the spread of new infectious diseases, claiming that “75% of all new diseases” are contracted “from other animals.” She went on to equate animal death with human death, citing figures for global animal slaughter and explaining that fish numbers aren’t part of the data because “we only measure their lives by weight,” then adding on concerns and questions about “their thoughts and feelings.”

Thunberg made more familiar noises when she called the prosperous Western lifestyle something that was quickly draining the world of resources. Her primary target in the video was meat consumption however, claiming that it’s responsible for a huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions and land use.

Continuing with eating meat, “we will run out of land and food” she warns, but if the entire globe switches to “a plant-based diet” she excitedly offers, “8 billion tons of CO2” could be reduced annually from the global output.

Concerns about mass starvation and out-of-control population grown are an old hat concern when it comes to the left, with the ever popular Paul Ehrlich claiming in 1970 that a “great die-off” was imminent as global food supply would run short of population growth and over 65 millions Americans would starve to death alongside 4 billion people globally by the 1980’s.

Obviously, the 80’s have come and gone with no such incident, Thunberg’s argument is made of the same stuff as Ehrlich’s. Hysterical alarmism about future events that take no account for technological or other innovations as time moves on.

Between 1961 and 2014, a study found that people all over the world enjoy more calories at lower cost, produced from smaller amounts of farmland. Furthermore, yields of cereal crops per amount of land are up 154% and animal yields per-carcass are up 150-169% over their 1961 counterparts.

Thunberg is getting a lot of attention for feeding the lefts appetite for “eco-anxiety,” but her concerns are without merit. The free market will adjust and account for her ecological concerns, if not her ethical concerns about fish’s feelings.

Author: Gabe Baker