[Graphic] Watch How The Taliban Deals With Protesters

The Taliban reportedly fired upon a crowd of protesters yesterday in response to an Afghanistan flag being waved in their newly conquered country.

The New York Times described the “public display of dissent” as being met with “overwhelming use of force” as Taliban militants fired upon the crowd and beat and injured both protesters and journalists.

Richard Engel of NBC News shared the event on Twitter. The event is fairly graphic.

Foreign media run by state-funds claim that dozens of protesters were injured and two killed.

This incident follows mere days after Democrat President Joe Biden made a hasty withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in a manner that has since been highly criticized by members of both political parties.

The Taliban has also acquired a significant amount of Military hardware made by the U.S. as well as many weapons that were left with the Afghan security forces for use in their own continued efforts against the Taliban.

The Afghan security forces were quickly overwhelmed as the U.S. withdrew, and Taliban militants swept up the country in a matter of mere weeks. Part of Biden’s withdrawal included an early end to American air support, leaving the Afghans unable to adequately fight.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Afghan military was trained by U.S. forces to use tactics that match the U.S. approach to war, which involves joint operations that combine aircraft power with ground power at every step to include the resupply of outposts, ferrying of wounded, reconnaissance and combat support.

Without U.S. air support, the Afghan military was completely halted in it’s efforts. Retired Lieutenant General Daniel Bolger said that the same thing happened in the 1970’s with South Vietnamese forces. Bolger commanded the U.S. effort to train Afghan security forces between 2011 and 2013.

Bolger explained that since they trained the Afghan forces to use “[our] own model” of warfare that it can only continue functioning alongside “a sophisticated force” such as our own. Without American air support, the Afghans lost “the day-to-day assistance” that they rely on.

Biden placed the blame on the Afghan security forces themselves, declaring that they were unwilling to put up a fight themselves, however, the Afghan military lost almost 70,000 soldiers in their effort to repel the Taliban.

Author: Olivia Phelps