GRAPHIC: SUV Slams Into Christmas Parade — Guess Who Was Behind The Wheel?

You’ve probably heard about the horrible attack that occurred on Sunday night in Wisconsin, and if not, you might want to sit down, because it’s gut-wrenching. Last night, there were over 20 people who joined in celebrating Waukesha, Wisconsin’s Christmas parade. They were singing, celebrating and enjoying lighting the Christmas tree when suddenly an SUV plowed into the large group of people by a man that was driving a massive red SUV. Multiple people have already died from the attack, with many others in the hospital, but officials say they aren’t going to be releasing any more details about the horrific event until all the victims’ families have been reached out to and notified. It is also unclear exactly how many people are injured at this time.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the video below. But be warned, it’s quite graphic:

While details remain scarce, there are multiple corroborating reports from scanner traffic that was found on Broadcastify, that confirm that one police officer from Waukesha reported the SUV driver and massacre-maker was a black male. The police officer says in the recording that the car was going westbound and heading towards the Christmas parade. He said it was a red Escape and a black male. The officer was unable to stop him while he flew westbound repeatedly blowing his horn.

Additionally, a man who had family that was attending the parade called a local tv station and also reported that the SUV drives was indeed a black man that also wore a dreadlock hairstyle. The video from that encounter has now been deleted… suspicious.

The New York Post, however, says that the man in custody is Darrell E. Brooks, who is a black man with a dreadlock hairstyle. However, this report was not confirmed by the local police, at least not yet. However, if you search the name provided by the NY Post, this person is a felon with a long list of criminal ‘mishaps,’ and was apparently just released from jail a few days ago on a $1K cash bail for all of his latest charges.

What were his motivations? That’s unclear, but with all the racial tension and happenings right now, it isn’t difficult to guess.

Author: Heather Nicholson