Governor Recall Effort Soars Above Required Signatures

Out of all the states in the nation, California certainly sails near the top of states that have effectively become mini-dictatorships over the past year, with COVID providing a convenient means of accelerating a business-killing government takeover.

Which is precisely why Newsome is at the center of a major recall effort now, even within a state with some of the most liberal voters in the nation.

Gavin Newsome, the “Governor” of California, has taken great joy in imposing some of the greatest restrictions on Americans relative to the rest of the nation. While other states, such as New York and Michigan, have also been insane in terms of their lockdown measures, California seems to really work towards outwitting its leftist “competitors” in the Midwest and East.

From closing churches but deeming strip clubs “essential services,” not to mention ordering people to eat Thanksgiving outside, spaced six feet apart while saying nary a word regarding BLM/Antifa tearing up Los Angeles …

And, on top of that, enjoying fine dining at French Landry with zero social distancing, zero masks, a table full of health “professionals” and a $15k bar tab. Newsome also enjoyed this rather luxurious dinner after ordering restaurants across California to close.

In a rare moment of sanity, even The New York Times called out Newsome for that one.

Safe to say, Newsome is the embodiment of a champagne socialist and precisely why a petition to recall him has gained serious steam over the past several months.

Predictably, Biden opposes the recall effort. Curiously, Hunter Biden apparently resides in California, enjoying a quiet, and extremely expensive, lifestyle. Hm … Perhaps Hunter (once again) has served as an outsized influence on his father, judging from the White House Press Secretary’s inane defense of Newsome.

“In addition to sharing a commitment to a range of issues with @GavinNewsom from addressing the climate crisis to getting the pandemic under control, @POTUS clearly opposes any effort to recall @GavinNewsom.” [Source: The Hill]

Yes, well, clearly Newsome isn’t “getting the pandemic under control” despite some of the harshest lockdown measures in the nation, and he also isn’t actually doing anything discernible in terms of “addressing climate” change, aside from making grandiose, Hollywood-style promises.

What is he definitely doing, however, is driving people from the state, as individuals have started leaving the increasingly communist enclave in droves.

Fortunately, it appears that Biden’s inane defense of another arguable despot, Gavin Newsome, didn’t sit too well, even with California voters.

California residents clearly feel a bit differently than Biden, given that Biden himself will never endure such restrictions. To recall a governor in California, at least 1.5 million signatures are required as a minimum threshold.

Happily, that threshold has now been surpassed, though Randy Economy, a chief engineer behind the movement, plans to proceed full steam ahead and gather even more signatures by March.

“We’re not stopping at the 1.5 million signatures that we’ve collected thus far … Our ultimate goal is to get … 1.8 million to 2 million because we don’t want to leave anybody any doubt in anybody’s mind in regards to the validity and the accuracy of what we’re doing here.” [Source: Fox News]

Biden will not be pleased.

Unfortunately for Biden, the federal government cannot (yet) interfere so dramatically in a state’s affairs, or the rights of the citizens to hold their representatives accountable.

Which also makes one wonder just how popular Biden can really be, especially with thousands of national guard members present in D.C., for reasons that have yet to be explained to anyone.

That aside, seeing the citizens of California having the chance to take a serious stand against Newsome should warm Patriots’ hearts everywhere, especially since California already has a track record of successfully recalling governors.

For instance, back in 2003, then-Governor of California Gary Davis was recalled, and despite his vow to “fight like a Bengal tiger,” he was successful recalled and replead with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Even back in 2003, the Democrats failed to demonstrate much accountability, with Davis raging that the recall effort was merely “a hostile takeover by the right.”

Fast forwarding 18 years later, one can only hope that Newsome will face even more pressure in the coming weeks … and potentially even provide California with completely new leadership.

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