Governor Begins Immediate Construction of Border Wall While Biden is Gone

Breitbart reports that Texas Governor Greg Abbott will be be starting construction of a border wall immediately, blocking regions where migrants are known to easily cross the Rio Grande as they seek entrance into the United States from Mexico. The barriers will also help enable state law enforcement officers to arrest migrants who violate state law.

Abbott said that the current state of immigration “is out of control” and that it’s also clear that the Biden administration has no intention to “step up and do its job.” Abbot adds that as reports continue to come in that more and more people cross the border illegally, Texans know that they are going to “have to step up and do more” in order to compensate for the Federal government’s lax border control.

Abbott explained that the construction will begin in problem areas such as Del Rio where migrants have a much easier time crossing unsecured sections of the border. Abbot spoke at a Border Summit held at Del Rio, a location chosen for its representation as an area greatly affected by sharp increases in illegal crossings. Del Rio agents apprehended 27,890 migrants last month, an over 1,118 percent increase over the previous year which reported 2,289 for May of 2020.

The Texas governor explained to the audience that the massive increase of that particular region was the reason why they were all gathered, stating that most illegal crossings are highly “concentrated in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Abbott said that he’s heard reports from local residents as well as law enforcement officials and elected officials alike, claiming that they are seeing the migrant situation worse than ever before. Abbott explains that many of the people crossing the border are “very bad dangerous people,” “people that [locals] are afraid of encountering,” adding that these individuals are responsible for damaging fences, livestock, crops, homes, and neighborhoods as they pass through.

In light of the safety threat to his constituents, Abbot said that the state would be stepping in “to help. . . address this exploding crisis.” He added that authorities will use both existing laws and State of Emergency laws authorized earlier in the month to crack down on vandals and violent migrants.

Abbot stated that while the Biden administration appears to be “welcoming these people” to America, Texas “won’t be sending that message.”

Author: Boyd Cummings